The was the website for the OUTSIDE THE SQUARE Gallery, the largest commercial art gallery in Kent. The gallery was closed in 2014 when its owner returned to New Zealand. This page was created from the site's archived content as an homage to the gallery. Please view this site strictly for its historical context and as a nostalgic look back to the OUTSIDE THE SQUARE Gallery when it was young and vibrant, showing the work of the best and the most exciting artists available. We will miss you.




Address: 3 Duke Street, Margate, Kent, CT9 1EP
Telephone: 01843 571291
Mobile: 07890 346244
Monday Closed
10am - 7pm
10am - 7pm
10am - 7pm
10am - 10pm
10am - 7pm



OUTSIDE THE SQUARE Gallery is a new commercial Art Gallery in Margate based at 3 Duke Street, Old Town  Margate next to and virtually opposite the new £20M Turner Contemporary ( TATE PLUS).

The TURNER CONTEMPORARY ( TATE PLUS ) is the largest art gallery in the UK, outside of London which opened on the 16th April 2011 having attracted over 280,000 visitors in just the first 6 Months.

It is a FREE entry Museum and is part of the TATE Plus network of galleries. Sharing artworks and programes within the TATE network.          All artworks there are NOT for sale, rather purely for exhibition.

Which leaves our gallery OUTSIDE THE SQUARE ( Opposite ) in a perfect position as the largest commercial Art gallery in Kent to capture the art loving demographic, coming down from London and beyond giving them access to original Artworks that they would otherwise have to access in the major cities around the world.

Outside The Square Gallery is dedicated to the presentation of the finest national and international artists, introducing exceptional contemporary art to established and emerging collectors.

Gracing an elegant space on Duke St ( Opposite Turner Contemporary , TATE PLUS ) the gallery offers unique statement pieces for distinctive interiors. Outside The Square Gallery's portfolio has been curated with today's discerning collector in mind . The gallery has commissioned and acquired a superior range of original paintings to cross a wide spectrum of styles and genres and is proud to include many of the most highly-regarded artists from the international arena including Sherree Valentine Daines.

We currently have 907 original exhibits constituting 94 committed artists from 21 different countries all over the world giving our visitors access to individual pieces of original Art otherwise not available anywhere else in the UK.

OUTSIDE THE SQUARE Gallery has just gained the commitment of artist Chris Bracey, a close friend to Christian Furr.

Chris Bracey exhibits at one of the Top commercial Art Galleries in the world for Contemporary Art..... The "Guy Hepner" in Los Angeles and Miami USA, in union with artists such as Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons, Jasper Johns, KAWS, David LaChapelle, Mr Brainwash, David Drebin, Jason Alper, Russell Young, Michel Comte, Maryln Minter, Chris Heads, Guido Argentini and Keith Haring. These artists are some of the most highest earning and most successful in the world. Artists that have reached their peak in their given genre demonstrating what it takes to be the best.

Chris Bracey is one of the top sellers at the Guy Hepner as his neons prove very popular amongst celebrities and art collectors alike.

And he has also recently sold his " Viva Primrose Hill " neon to the world's youngest billionaire Mark Zuckerburg ( Facebook ).

OUTSIDE THE SQUARE Gallery is very happy and humble to represent Chris Bracey here in the UK.

We also have British and Irish artists that have previously exhibited in The Tate (Liverpool), The Tate Modern, The National Portrait Gallery, The Royal Academy (RA) ,The RBA>, ROI, RHA>, NAPA and The Royal Society Of Marine Painters (RSMA>)..The British Museum, The Royal Society Of Portrait Painters and Whitewall Galleries to name a few.

Some examples of our committed artists are The National Portrait Gallery representative artists David Cobley, Anthony Connelly , Christian Furr and Vincent Brown.. And Whitewall Gallery ( Published ) Artists :  Igor Shulman, Oksana Leadbitter, Robin Archer, Susan Brown, Andrew Holmes, James Preston, Charles Willmott, Ben Payne , Leslie Thiel, Brian Shepherd, David Farren, Graham Milton, Peter Wileman ( President of the ROI ) and Sherree Valentine Daines  ........ All artworks are Originals .

And One of the world's top publishers for the visual arts Washingtongreen ( Published ) Artists  Gordon King, Leslie Anne Derks , Ken orton, Bill Bate and Louis Sidoli ........All artworks are Originals.

Louis Sidoli exhibites at one of the top galleries in the world for contemporary art  " Pop International "  in New York alongside Andy Warhol, Ringo Starr, Ronnie Wood, Jean Michel Basquait , Mr Brainwash and Keith Haring.

Louis Sidoli is one of the most versatile and exciting Neo- Pop artists working today.

There is something very special about owning an original piece of artwork for your home . It has everything to do with it's uniqueness. Outside The Square gallery is able to source fine art originals from many of the world's leading artists .

And each piece is authenticated and supported with " A letter of Providence " upon purchase.

David Cobley has recently featured on the BBC's " Show me the monet". And is the featured artist at the Royal Society of Portrait Painters... And is perhaps one of the best living Figurative Painters in the world today.

Amongst our Artists world wide we have Christian Furr who was the youngest person at 28 years old to ever have painted the Queen at Buckingham Palace.

Christian Furr has been chosen to show a permanent collection of his works at the new privately owned private enterprise £125 Million upgrade Dorchester Hotel in Mayfair alongside 2 other " Best of British Artists" Damien Hirst and Sir Peter Blake , which suggests their choosing is based on the 3 best available British living artists to represent them.

OUTSIDE THE SQUARE Gallery has the exclusivity of Christian Furr's originals in the commercial sense as a pose to permanent private collections.

To which we are extremely happy and humble to represent as a gallery.

Although we are a new business having been open for a relatively short period of time, our success on account of the high number of paintings sold (As transparent showing on our website under Artists ) indicates that the quality of the Artwork provided by the artist is there as well as the price being attractive to our visitors, to whom recognise that our prices here in Margate are very different to what they would otherwise find for the same artists originals in the major cities and High Streets around the world.

All our Artworks are originals and upon purchase can be insured as a secure investment.

We have a diverse array of styles of Fine Art to choose from. In the affordable bracket and for the investor.

We believe that the most important thing above all else is that you love the Art you buy and that you would want it to become part of your life within your home and living space. We take the time and patience to address every detail, from the displays down to the furnishings and even to the national brand dish soaps used in the kitchen. And everything is spic and span!  We make demands on our cleaning suppliers because we expect what you expect. You'll notice that our bathrooms are immaculate and provide quality paper towels and toilet tissues. The gallery floors are washed daily.  Because it matters as does the art you acquire.

And / Or indeed to hand on to your children for generations to come .

" Art for life "

The feedback from visitors and artists thus far suggests that we have no competition in Kent.

With the Turner Contemporary having opened on the 16th April 2011 the projection was for between 100,000 - 270,000 visitors a year . They have already exceeded these figures , even having been opened for just 6 Months !

The Olympic games 2012 in London will generate huge interest in that large numbers of visitors will be visiting the new £20 M Turner Contemporary ( Tate Plus ) , the current largest gallery in the UK , outside of London.

Whilst the Turner Contemporary offers FREE entry to it's visitors it does not actually sell art, rather it exhibits sharing programs and art works from it's other TATE members in ongoing and very exciting programs and exhibitions planned which is ongoing with the financial backing of the Arts Council UK and other community and government funded organisations.

This in turn gives us the perfect opportunity in that OUTSIDE THE SQUARE is the largest Commercial Art Gallery in Kent with no real competition and that we directly access the demographic as well as the high numbers who appreciate high end art and the individuals that can afford it.

OUTSIDE THE SQUARE gallery is positioned directly opposite the new Turner Contemporary in 3 Duke St, Old Town Margate.

We believe we are currently the largest Art Gallery in Kent that sells Fine Visual Art. We are based on two levels set amongst interior brickwork ,white and warm coloured walls with 6 brick pillars in the area on the lower level with two separate staircases to allow visitors to flow easily giving it more of an Art Gallery feel and less like a shop.

Upstairs we have high ceilings and numerous white light illumination spotlights to compliment an already naturally lit up area to show a combination of both sculptures and paintings.

All of which are original works.

All visitors to OUTSIDE THE SQUARE Gallery are very welcome whether they are buying or just looking.

We also offer a full Framing service working alongside ARQADIA & Conservation By Design ( By Appointment to her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11 ) suppliers to The National Gallery, TATE , The National Portrait Gallery, The British Museum and The V & A ...... ARQADIA..... BRITAIN' S  largest  suppliers of Picture Frames & Mouldings in the UK.



News Regarding Some of the Artists


  • Penny Warden .  " Spirit , emotion & movement
  • Sherree Valentine Daines .. " The Face of British Impressionism " ... New to OTS
  • OTS .. Largest Commercial Fine Art Gallery in Kent .. Opposite the new £ M 20 Turner Contemporary ( TATE PLUS )
  • New £ M 6 Margate's  Sea Defence  project almost finished ( Jan 2013 )  ..  Steps come straight off beach facing Duke Street and OTS Gallery .
  • New £ M 10 Dreamland .... Underway as one of the UK's best loved amusement parks with heritage .
  • Christian Furr - Exclusive to  Outside The Square Gallery. Exhibites permanent collections at the Mayfair Dorchester Hotel with Sir Peter Blake & Damien  Hirst
  • Turner Contemporary wins Best UK destination and Best global destination
  • David Cobley ... Painting    “ All By Myself “   on   the BBC’s    " Show me the Monet "
  • Chris Bracey….Exhibites at the Top Commercial Art gallery in the World ( L.A & Miami  )  alongside Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons , Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein.
  • Louis Sidoli…. Exhibites at Top Pop Art Gallery in New York alongside Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Ringo Star & Ronnie Wood
  • Vincent Brown ….BP Portrait Awards 2004 &  2007
  • Ben Payne …. Exhibites with leading publishers and on the Cruise Liners that go all around the world .  Elite artist selected  for Originals
  • Lesley Thiel…..Exhibites in Top Mayfair gallery alongside HRH Prince Charles & Nelson Mandela




  • New Portrait Unveiled at Jersey Heritage ..... Mitch Couriard by...... CHRISTIAN FURR .. 3rd MAY 2013
  • " READ our local e -Newspaper for the latest NEWS !! On Margate , New £ M 10 Dreamland , Turner Contemporary , Arts etc ....
  • PAUL JAMES " Manic Muck-About"
  • Paul James " Brook Street Boogie "
  • " OUTSIDE THE SQUARE GALLERY UK " artist PAUL JAMES plays piano at Jane Bishop's Walpole Hotel, Margate ... SAT 4th MAY 2013 "
  • " OUTSIDE THE SQUARE GALLEY UK "...Chelsea Arts Club visits Margate " ! SAT MAY 4TH 2013.. Tracey Emin's TWIN Brother Paul Emin walks in at end of footage !
  • NEW PUBLISHING COMPANY " Inside The Circle Gallery " ... Launched Wordwide... May 2013
  • " Jessie J and Plan B to headline Margate festival ".. ITV
  • Wayne Hemingway: Margate Dreamland to be more than a funfair ....It is hoped that stage one of the project to turn the site into a £10m heritage park will open in 2014....BBC.
  • Ed Chapman...BBC April 2013...A Hendrix portrait made from 4,000 Fender plectrums
  • Ed Chapman... ITV April 2013 .....Jimi Hendrix tribute mosaic in plectrums
  • Rob Hefferan
  • Rob Hefferan
  • Costuras En El Corazón. ROB HEFFERAN.
  • El Realismo Elegante de Rob Hefferan.Olga
  • CHAR ITY ART AUCTION ….."SOMETHING SPECIAL" …. - 13th-14th MARCH 2013....Julian Opie, Mr Brainwash, Christian Furr, Patrick Hughes & Chris Levine
  • Peter Wileman .. " President of the ROI ....." Exhibites with leading publishers and on the Cruise Liners that go all around the world " .
  • Philip Gray ... The emotion of " Awe "
  • Philip Gray..." Exhibites with leading publishers and on the Cruise Liners that go all around the world " .
  • Sherree Valentine Daines...." Exhibites with leading publishers and on the Cruise Liners that go all around the world " .
  • EXTREME artist Philip Gray ...." Extreme first hand experience of the subject for your living space " !
  • New Artist to OTS ...Philip Gray, Extreme Art Project, Underwater Painting in Bahamas
  • Christian Furr....CNN World Sport...." SWIRL " painting .Art for sail: Olympic yachts glide into London for a colorful makeover.....Jan 21st 2013
  • Christian Furr & Julian Opie show Artworks at Fine Art Sail for the London Boat Show 2013 next weekend.
  • " Liverpool Love ... Historic Lithograph " signed by 23 World Famous Artists including Sir Peter Blake , Noel Fielding , Yoko Ono , Christian Furr..... ( Refer " About Town " under " Artists " )
  • News 2013...." Why Margate deserves its place on the Rough Guides Travel Hot List 2013 ".
  • " Wayne Hemingway ..... One of Britain's most acclaimed designers to design new £ M 10 Margate Dreamland Heritage Park to open 2014 "
  • " Margate seaside town has been listed as one of the top 10 world destinations in the leading tourist travel guide " ....BBC 14th Dec 2012
  • Liverpool Love exhibition at the Museum of Liverpool will raise funds for Claire House
  • " BBC news.... Lost Turner "
  • Wells Art Contemporary Awards 12 th October 2012...... Judges Christian Furr & Sir Peter Blake
  • Sherree Valentine Daines ....." The Face of Modern British Impressionism "
  • ITV News ... " Could be the Art find of the Century ".. " Lost Turner ? " St Benedetto looking towards Fusina "
  • " Lost Turner Painting "...... The Sun 25th Sept 2012
  • " Lost Turner Painting " .. Daily Mail 12 th Sept 2012
  • A looser work by JMW Turner ? " Benedetto looking towards Fusina "... being scrutinized by experts in London ..David Moore Gwyn...Deputy head of Sotherbys & Mark Griffith Jones...head of Old Masters... Deputy Director Sotherbys..... " Very interesting painting " .. " Hypnotic "
  • Front Page News !! Thanet Extra ....Refer Back Issues " Lost Turner "
  • Dorchester 45 Park Lane .. " luminaries Sir Peter Blake, Christian Furr and Damien Hirst. "
  • Vincent Brown paints " Wallace & Gromit "
  • Peter Wileman " President of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters " .One of the most exciting landscape painters in Britain Today.
  • Peter Wileman " The President of the ROI "
  • Bonhams sells " Tranquil Trajectory " for £ 5760
  • " Carlos Cortes .. Artist at Turner Contemporary "
  • " Carlos Cortes at the Turner Contemporary "
  • Oksana Leadbitter.....Acrylic, charcoal & oils
  • Oksana Leadbitter.....Charcoal, acrylic & oils
  • Nikoloz Japaridze from Georgia exhibites first time in UK . Big in the USA
  • " Paintings by David Aldus "
  • ( New Artist.....All Originals.......David Farren )
  • ( New Artist ........All Originals.......Ben Payne )
  • New Artist........All Originals...... Ed Chapman )
  • ( New Artist....Best Eastern Europe ....All Originals ........ Igor Shulman )
  • (New artist .. All Originals ... Lesley Thiel)
  • ( Christian Furr .....£ 125 M Upgrade 45 Park Lane Dorchester Hotel )
  • News !!!
  • Paulo Duarte Filipe... New Film....... SPRAY
  • New Artist .... Escha Van Den Bogerd..... All Originals
  • New Artist.....All Originals.........Penny Warden
  • New Artist.... All Originals..... Oksana Leadbitter
  • New Artist......All Originals........ Susan Brown
  • Anthony Connolly
  • David Cobley ... BBC " Show me the Monet "
  • Coming soon .......New Artist ..... All Originals ........ Bill Bate
  • Top New York Gallery Louis Sidoli alongside Andy Warhol, Ringo Star, Ronnie Wood,Jean Michel Basquait, Mr Brainwash & Keith Haring.
  • New Artist...... All Originals....... Louis Sidoli
  • New Artist.... All Originals....... Lesley Anne Derks
  • New Artist........ All Originals....... Vincent Brown
  • Coming Soon .... All Originals........Peter Wileman
  • Coming Soon .... All Originals........Peter Wileman
  • Turner Contemporary Director Victoria Pomery Awarded Diamond OBE
  • Tracey Emin & Turner Contemporary
  • Sir Nicholas Serota & Turner Contemporary
  • Antony Gormley & Turner Contemporary
  • Victoria Pomery & Turner Contemporary
  • Turner Contemporary
  • The Queen’s Visit to Margate
  • New BBC One Drama “ Truelove “ filmed entirely in Margate starring David Tennant & Billy Piper
  • Outside The Square Gallery and The Turner Rose Event
  • Outside The Square Gallery BBC news honours the new Turner rose named at The Chelsea Flower Show 2011 to commemorate the new Gallery and JMW Turner….
  • About Outside the Square Gallery & the new £ M 20 Turner Contemporary ( TATE PLUS ) opposite….Outside The Square Gallery on the BBC News
  • Ed Chapman….UK’s Top Mosaic Artist … Sir Alex Ferguson & Mark Hughes “ Made of Money “
  • Escha Van Den Bogerd…….Nude & Figure Paintings by Dutch Artist
  • Escha Van Den Bogerd…….In the Top 30 Best Selling artists in UK ( Londonart )
  • Penny Warden…..The Mayfair Resident and Olympic Art
  • Penny Warden …..Pioneer and chosen artist to have her art above the church’s alter….Images of Christianity for the Third Millennium … “ Tomorrow’s History Today “
  • Penny Warden ….Currently Exhibiting at top Mayfair gallery in celebration of the Olympic games Summer 2012
  • Oksana Leadbitter… Selected artist exhibiting with Christies
  • Oksana Leadbitter…. Exhibites with leading publishers and on the Cruise Liners that go all around the world .
  • James Preston….. Exhibites with leading publishers and on the Cruise Liners that go all around the world .
  • Charles Willmott…. Exhibites with leading publishers and on the Cruise Liners that go all around the world .
  • Brian Shepherd….. Exhibites with leading publishers and on the Cruise Liners that go all around the world .
  • Susan Brown …. Exhibites with leading publishers and on the Cruise Liners that go all around the world .
  • Robin Archer….. Exhibites with leading publishers and on the Cruise Liners that go all around the world .
  • David Farren…. Exhibites with leading publishers and on the Cruise Liners that go all around the world .
  • Ben Payne …. Exhibites with leading publishers and on the Cruise Liners that go all around the world . Elite artist selected for Originals
  • Igor Shulman…… Exhibites with leading publishers and on the Cruise Liners that go all around the world . Elite artist selected for Originals
  • Graham Milton….. Is this the face of Jesus Christ ?
  • Graham Milton……The world’s foremost painting of Jesus in the Turin Shroud
  • Graham Milton …. Exhibites with leading publishers and on the Cruise Liners that go all around the world.
  • Lesley Thiel ……Exhibites with leading publishers and on the Cruise Liners that go all around the world.